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Patient Reviews at Excel Urgent Care of Fishkill, NY

We value the opinion of our patients, and believe that your honesty is the best compliment we can get. Here’s what our patients have been saying about the care they have received at Excel Urgent Care of Fishkill.


Wow, I really like this place…very caring

I called to ask a question & was amazed at how sweet the receptionist was as most places were rude to me this morning. She put a doctor on the phone immediately with me to help. He was extremely nice & professional not trying to drag us in for $$. He gave me great advice & said we are here for you if you need us anytime. Wow, I really like this place…very caring.
Thank you to the receptionist & Dr. Phillips I will be coming in the near future for any help.
-Jill O.


would highly recommend this facility to anyone

Excellent doesn’t even describe the experience my husband and I had at Excel Urgent Care tonight. We walked in and right away we were greeted and he was taken in by the doctor. I filled out the paperwork and then joined him in the room. The doctor was extremely attentive, knowledge yet very comforting. We walked in and had my husband finger bandaged, shared a couple of laughs and walked out with a half hour. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of urgent care.
-Danielle T


The Dr’s are great and very knowledgeable

I love this place…they treat you so nice…the staff is amazing. The Dr’s are great and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.
-D Jordan


By far one of the best places to go for emergency medical attention

By far one of the best places to go for emergency medical attention. This is our second time coming here and our second time seeing Barry Kamen, RPA. First let me just say this…it is most unfortunate Barry Kamen cannot be my wife’s primary care physician. He is absolutely the best and kindest in the area.

Today’s episode…the battle with the handy meat slicer…sadly, the meat slicer won and she wound up needing 6 stitches. Barry Kamen to the rescue!

We arrived at the walk-in center at about 2:15 pm and were greeted by the lovely front desk staff. Within 15 minutes she was seen by Barry Kamen who promptly stitched up her finger with humor. Impeccable humor one needs when one is bleeding all over the place. Seriously, this man has a way of calming even the most neurotic of wives (me). All in all, the entire visit with six stitches took less than an hour.

Thank you Excel Urgent Care! While we hope to never see you again, should this be necessary, we are happy to know you are in our neighborhood.
-Julie C.


For non-emergency room situations, this place is perfect

For non-emergency room situations, this place is perfect. For people who don’t have a primary care physician in the area, or if you don’t feel like waiting for an appointment with one, this place is also perfect.

First, no appointments are necessary. You go to their website and enter all of your information online, including a brief description of the issue. You don’t have to do this, but I highly recommend it as it will streamline the process.

Once arriving, I was asked for my insurance card and driver’s license. I did not have to fill out ANY paperwork (likely because I entered all of it online), and I was seen by the physician within 5 minutes. He quickly diagnosed me and wrote me a prescription. No joke, I was in and out of the place in roughly 10 minutes.

Furthermore, the whole thing cost me NOTHING. They claim to take all types of insurance. I asked as I walked out if I was all set, and I was quickly and kindly told to have a nice day. Swift, outstanding service. Hopefully I won’t need to be back soon, but if there’s ever an issue, this is the first place I’ll try!
-William M.


The best urgent care I’ve ever been to!

The best urgent care I’ve ever been to! The office staff is SO friendly, nice, and efficient. The PA was also kind and helpful. I think I was in and out of there within 20 minutes. WOW!
-Kerrie R.


the staff was kind, and the doctor was skilled

New Years Day. The office was open, the staff was kind, and the doctor was skilled.

Dr. Moscato was as friendly as they come. He talked me through each part of the procedure to remove a 3/4″ splinter that I had deep in my big left toe. (Turned out to be a lot since it was deep, pus was already formed since I had injured it the day before, and required a cut, stitch, and tetanus shot). They were very price conscious (always appreciated).

I don’t even live in the area (it was for a new years eve weekend), but I’m tempted to go back because of how wonderful an experience it was.
-Zohar A.

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